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AdWords offers your company the ultimate luxury in online advertising: pay only when people actually visit your website.

No more spending hundreds of Pounds to blast your message onto people who could care less.

Communicate with your target market exactly where and when they’re looking for your services!



You don’t have to spend months building up your following on social media or improving your website rankings. With AdWords advertising you can have scores of qualified leads visiting your page tomorrow!

As a Google Certified AdWords professional, with experience from one of the largest global media agencies, I know exactly how to leverage Paid Search to give you the best return on investment and to increase your sales. Read more about my expertise here.

Some of the brands Dominika has worked with:

How Does It Work?

Some agencies may charge you a percentage of your total ad spend. From my experience, this often leads to the whole budget being spent (to increase agency earnings), whether it benefits the client or not.

We operate on a retainer fee – which means you pay the same amount every month – and we work as much as it takes to multiply that money for you.

The fee comprises the initial set up cost – which includes AdWords account research and set up plus two custom landing pages for your website to increase conversions. After that we operate on a monthly retainer, which means you can sleep easy without worrying about any of the risks of PPC advertising, just counting the profits!

How much is the retainer? That depends on how much you want to spend on your AdWords advertising and the size of your account. We start at £200 a month.

There is no contract and no tie-in period!

I’m positive you will see the positive impact of your new marketing systems from the start so there’s no need to oblige you in any way. It really is that easy!

Don’t have an AdWords account yet? No worries, We’ll set one up for you using extensive research and top tier marketing intelligence!

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