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Get your products found with Google Shopping and Adwords

AdWords offers your company the ultimate luxury in online advertising: pay only when people actually visit your website.

No more spending hundreds of Pounds to blast your message onto people who could care less.

Communicate with your target market exactly where and when they’re looking for your products!

Some of the brands Dominika has worked with:

How Does It Work?

Setting up your Google Merchant account, your product feed and writing effective ads is not something most store owners have the knowledge or experience of doing – not with profit anyway!

We have seen multiple Adwords accounts handed down by our clients from other agencies or done in house where very elementary mistakes were made, making it impossible to ever see positive return on investment from the ads. These business owners were ready to throw in the towel and never invest in Google Ads again, until we showed them what’s possible when the initial set up is done right. 


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