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Why Facebook Advertising Is Right For You

Have you tried traditional marketing but found that it didn’t really work for you?

You’re not alone. Advertising is becoming more and more difficult for a gazillion reasons but one of them is the fact that we live in a world where people don’t trust anyone anymore.

But do you know who they still trust?

Their friends and loved ones. And this is where Facebook advertising’s incredible advantage lies.

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You can approach your ideal customers in an environment where they are surrounded by their friends, where they feel relaxed and receptive.

What’s more, you can narrow down your target audience to a level where you’re talking directly and only to people who could be your potential customers.

The possibilities offered by Facebook advertising are impressive in today’s marketing landscape and can greatly benefit your business.

Here’s A Few Things You Can Achieve With Facebook Ads:

Build your email list through a lead-generating campaign

Create a buzz around your brand


Increase engagement with your content


Reengage your buyers and website visitors with retargeting campaigns


Grow your Facebook business page with a Like campaign

Do you have a Facebook business page?

Have you noticed how your every post gets seen by 1-10% of your audience? Even if your customers go into the effort of clicking the ‘like’ button on your page, they will most likely never see an update from you again.

Contrary to what you were led to believe, Facebook isn’t free.

Businesses who want to reach customers through Facebook – and it is the best place to reach them – need to pay for that service. The problem with that is that Facebook is very smart about making their users’ feeds as interesting as possible, otherwise they would lose their business. This means that you need to be even smarter!


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It’s not enough to just ‘boost’ your post every time you publish an update – effectively paying for something you used to get for free.

Using your Facebook page to try and sell your products isn’t going to get you far either.

Trying to DIY Facebook Advertising is an excellent method to lose your shirt.

What you need is a Facebook Ads strategy. And Speedbird Media is the best place to find it! Facebook advertising is a still a very new and largely uncharted area of web marketing and most media agencies still have no idea how to use it. We are a young and sharp team of online marketers, some of the first ones in the UK to offer custom Facebook Advertising services.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and let Speedbird Media show you the way to supercharging your business with Facebook Ads!

Facebook advertising can transform your business in more ways than one. Schedule a call with me today to show you how!

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