Web design Surrey is the subject Speedbird Media gets approached for the most. Every business owner, even with a teeny tiny marketing budget knows that web design is simply a must. Everything else can be done at a later date but without a website a business may as well be invisible.

But what if your budget is so tiny, it won’t even stretch to hire a professional? Web design Surrey can get pretty expensive! And even when paying thousands of Pounds, we can still never be sure what the result is going to be.

Trust me, I have seen some true gems in my days!

Like these two – real websites. Designed by an agency. True story

So what exactly are your options?

  1. DIY it.

Can you make your own website? Sure you can! Sometimes it’s the only option, especially when you’re a start-up business and you have zero money to spend on anything but the absolute necessities. There is a selection of tools available in the market for the DIY-web designers – you can read more about which are good, which are okay and which to avoid like wild fire here.

But if you do decide to take your marketing fate into your own hands, please please don’t rely on your opinion alone. Let your friends act as your web design team and give you guidance on what works and what doesn’t. Often something we create makes sense in our own heads but looks like a gibberish mess to everyone else.

Have a friend who has a good eye and good taste look at it from a design perspective. They’ll be able to tell you what looks good and what’s just plain ugly.

Have another friend test the website out to see if they know what each page is for and what its objective is. Let them tell you if they click through easily to where they want to get.

If you have a friend who understands SEO or marketing, buy them lunch and hope they return the favour by doing some tweaks on your site. That’s the most difficult part to DIY so consider yourself lucky if you have friends like that!

  1. Hire a Web Designer

The issue with web design Surrey is that it happens to be quite an expensive part of the world. Most business I talk to don’t have £1000 to spend on the website. And of those who do, and who did spend that much, most are not quite happy with the result anyway.

Here’s the deal: a typical web designer in Surrey will produce a website you ask them to make and charge you for the work. What’s the problem? The fact that you, like most of my customers, don’t know what you want!

Of course you know you want a website that sells your stuff. And you want it to look good. But do you know which keywords you want to target? How you plan to attract traffic to your website? How to choose a colour palette? And how to set up a sales funnel?

Well, the typical web designer doesn’t know that either. You will get a website but not a sales tool – which is what a website should be.

Well, by now you probably know what solution I recommend! I would love to work with you – because I know I can help you.

At Speedird Media web design packages start at £300 and they do it all. We make websites that will make you money. We help you translate your business ideas into marketing actions. And we’re nice to work with on top of that!

Hope this solves your web design Surrey dilemma but if you had any questions, please give us a call or send an email to info@speedbirdmedia.co.uk !



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