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Wordpress and Shopify

Know what you want your website to look like but don’t have the time or skill and knowledge to set it up?

Knowing how to set up a website for optimum conversion rate is something that most store owners simply don’t have the knowledge or experience to do.

Good website set-up is the final element of your sales funnel and the most important step in making your site visitors part with their hard-earned cash. And although many WordPress or Shopify themes will help you with creating good customer experience, they are not enough to make a truly great website. It’s the difference between ‘good enough’ and great, which will be clearly visible in the amount of sales you make.

wordpress web design


Some web designers consider themselves artists, others IT-specialists. I am a marketer. Let me tell you the difference. I treat a website as a sales tool. And so should you. There is no other element of the marketing mix which will be visible to as many people. Nearly all of your potential customers will visit your website at some point and it is going to play a massive part in their decision whether to buy from you or not. So while other web design companies create websites which might look pretty but are completely useless from a sales point of view, I make websites that sell. Which one would you rather have?

Modern and Responsive

With growing numbers of people browsing the internet and even shopping directly from their phones and tablets, you had better be prepared for mobile traffic! If your website is not easily readable – or mobile responsive – you’ll miss an enormous part of web traffic and sales. Web design trends are changing like fashion and your web design company should stay up to date to make your site look modern and attractive. Want to know how Speedbird Media puts those trends to practice? See some of our recent projects here!

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Be Google-friendly

Your website could look amazing but still be worthless if search engines, such as Google, don’t know about it! At Speedbird Media, we create every website with your overall marketing objectives in mind. Your website will be beautiful – and SEO-Optimised* too! *geek-talk for: easily found by search engines

Easy to Use

Are you concerned about the cost of maintaining your website after it’s built? Or are you worried you won’t be able to update it yourself without getting a degree in IT first? Every website designed by Speedbird Media comes with free client training. The interface we provide is easy to use and you will be able to make small changes or update your website with ease all by yourself. You will save hundreds of pounds on additional maintenance charges other web design companies might have. And you won’t need to wait around while your designer takes a week to make the tiniest of changes.

See our most recent projects!

Mauli Rituals


Vadim Turcanu

Custom Website Design

WordPress or Shopify

  • Design and marketing strategy consultation
  • Optimised for conversions
  • Bespoke design (1 revision round)
  • Mobile and tablet friendly design
  • Social Media Page Connections
  •  Training on website
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel connection


Starting at £1,300

Payment plans available, please reach out for details. 


High Conversions

Ultimately, my job is to make you a website which will make you money. Making highly-converting websites is an art and not every web design company knows it! Every detail, choice of colour and every word matters in your customer’s purchase decision. Let me be your guide in this digital journey, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Every design we create will be done to your full satisfaction. All of our projects are fully web responsive, meaning they can be easily read on all devices including mobile. Your custom site will be equipped with essential security features and the EU Cookie law widget. We will also install Google Analytics to set you off to a good start to bringing more customers to your website!

Do you need more pages, a blog or an ecommerce solution on your website? Reach out for a custom quote or book a free consult to discuss your needs. 

Not sure what you need or how to achieve it? Definitely book a free consult so you can pick my brain and get some much needed clarity!

Once you contact us with some basic info about your project, we’ll call you back to talk more about your needs. Talking will help us gather the necessary info & details about how we can assist you with your project and you will have the opportunity to share all your great ideas. Next, we will prepare an electronic contract for you, detailing all the specifics like terms of use and your payment terms. Once you approve that, we ask for a deposit to reserve your project start date.

Let’s Create Together: We believe your website should be the perfect expression of what you and your business stand for. We also think that everybody should be able to build exactly the website they need, no matter their budget. That’s why we spend a lot of time brainstorming with you about your preferred colours, design inspirations and your business goals. Only once we have a good idea of what your desired outcome is, we will move on to the next phase.

Hands-on: Depending on its size, a website takes takes from 2 to 4 weeks to develop. During this time you will be kept in the loop on the project and consulted on any major decisions. We will work tirelessly to create the website of your dreams.

Happy Ending: Once you’re happy with our final design and placed your final payment, we hand over the admin details for your new site. We will also set up a skype call with you to show you around your website and train you how to use it. Of course, even after the project is finished, you’re welcome to contact us about any questions and to let us know how you’re getting on. We love to hear from our clients and are always happy to help!

book a 30 minute free consultation to discuss your web design project


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