GDPR Privacy Policy Cheatsheet




Use this GDPR Privacy Policy Cheatsheet to help you create a GDPR-compliant policy for your small business.

Includes a detailed guide on how to implement GDPR legislation on your website with live examples for bloggers and infopreneurs.

What you’re getting:

This product includes a PDF guide with advice on how to make your website GDPR friendly – remember the new law isn’t simply about sticking a new Privacy Policy on your site and forgetting about it! This cheatsheet will guide you through the process of evaluating your processes and updating them where necessary. You will also receive examples of Privacy Policy which are applicable to owners of informational websites.

Who this guide is for:

Owners of a informational websites, like bloggers, freelancers or infopreneurs in the UK. This guide includes the most common types of data processors used by small businesses like Google Analytics or Mailchimp. It will also guide you on what to include and how to customise this policy to suit your individual needs.

Who this guide is NOT for:

We don’t recommend this guide for any organisation which has more than 10 employees, deals with sensitive data of any kind, or uses their website for anything else other than information. If your site is an e-commerce business, for example, you may still be able to use parts of this template, but the list of processors involved in your data supply chain is likely to be more complex and your Legal Basis for collecting data may be different. This guide was created for business owners in the UK, it may not be suitable for residents of other countries.


I am NOT a solicitor, nor am I accreddited by any European Union supervisory authority to act on their behalf.
I simply combined my knowledge of the technology industry with the new legislation and itemised every point noted in the GDPR as necessary to comply with the law. If like me, you wish to read the entire directive, the full text is available here.
I recommend you have the privacy policy, as well as all your data processing systems evaluated by a lawyer before publishing it on your site. Speedbird Media Ltd, nor me personally cannot be held liable for any penalty or legal action taken against you or your company as a result of using this Privacy Policy. By using this guide you agree to doing so entirely at your own risk.
This guide can be used only for the purposes of guidance and advice and does not in itself form a legal document.


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