You need a personalised solution to build momentum in your business

You’ve already taken every free course and online webinar under the Sun but still can’t find the answers to the problems you’re facing in your business.

On the other hand, hiring ongoing support just isn’t financially feasible at the moment, with sales few and far between.

Sound familiar?

Then Rescue Your Marketing Intensive is the solution you’ve been looking for.

I have clients coming to me every month, completely stuck in building their businesses and no idea what to do next. Like Jonathan from DevHero, an e-commerce clothing brand with 10k Instagram followers but still not making enough in sales. Jonathan had a lot of marketing and web design knowledge but wasn’t able to tie it all together and apply it to his own business to increase revenue.

Jonathan reached out to me and after an hour on the phone, he had a loooong list of ideas to immediately implement and a big smile on his face. Within a week his sales grew by 30%. Investing in the Rescue My Marketing Intensive gave him the clarity and direction he needed to move forward and resulted in making the income he needed to invest in a coaching package within a few months.

During your Rescue My Marketing Intensive, we’ll be chatting for 90 minutes to provide that much-needed, targeted and specific direction for you so that you can start seeing REAL momentum in your business.

No more feeling stuck and left wondering where you’re going wrong.

All I need you to do is tell me where you’re feeling stuck and what your short-term business goals are. We will then arrange a time to book a video call where I will craft a strategy for you, which will allow you to:

Grow your online presence

Grow traffic to your website

Start landing clients/making sales from your marketing efforts


Grow your email list

Connect and get engagement from your target audience

Stop losing sales on your website




First time we e-meet and you already gave me so many ways to improve my business (website and instagram) !!
Our video meeting was really clear and easy talking, really appreciated that session !
It boosted my motivation again, I’ll try to implement all your advice overnight !!
MERCI à toi ! 🙂
See you in a few days for the results !

Therapy Business Coach

“Thank you so much Dominika Tracy for the work that you do. You have such incredible knowledge in this field which has allowed me to focus on what I am good at and you take over on getting it out to the world.

Your expertise has helped me not waste the time on what doesn’t work and do what does! I appreciate having someone I trust who does great work on my team.”

Kim Dolan Leto

“Dominika Tracy is exceptional to work with. She is very quick to get projects back to you and has the kind of work ethic I need to run a successful company.

I know I can count on her.

I highly recommend her services.”

During our 90 minute session you can ask any question you wish and use my 8 years of experience in marketing to find the exact solutions you need to gain momentum and grow your revenue.

You will receive my written notes from the session so that you have the exact steps you need to make significant progress in your business.

The personalised solution you need for your business

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