Instagram for Product-Based Businesses vault

Has your Instagram engagement fallen lately? If you’re getting much less © on your posts than before, no matter what you do, you might be ready to give up on social media altogether.

Before you do, let me tell you:

  1.  You’re not alone, this is happening to most business accounts due to recent algorithm changes.

  2.  It doesn’t mean Instagram is over and you now have to ‘pay to play’. You just need to be smarter about your Instagram strategy.

The game has changed and it is now harder than ever to stand out on my favourite social media platform. But it’s still worth it for those who are doing it right!

Accounts with a good, engaged audience continue to grow and attract new, paying customers.

Want to know what they’re doing and why it’s not working for you?

I have clients coming to me every week, flustered and confused about their Instagram strategy. Using my framework, I take them from confused to Intentional about their social media:

Join renowned social media coach and speaker Dominika Tracy of Speedbird Media in this intensive Instagram Masterclass.

Dominika has worked in web marketing for 10 years and coaches clients all around the world in how to make sense of their social media.

If you are struggling with followers and engagement on Instagram then this workshop is for YOU!

The Vault will cover how to:

Optimise your Instagram bio

Build out an editorial calendar based on “smart themes” so your content and focus don’t jump around

Do a makeover of your IG account using the “Second Website” Framework

Develop a signature IG Stories style and template so that your content is attractive, engaging, and in line with your sales funnel and themes

Start writing better captions and choosing images/videos that create a conversation and challenge your audience, so they stop scrolling and engage

Get your posts seen and attract new audience who are ready to buy your products and services.

You will leave feeling empowered and full of ideas how to make your Instagram page more fun, engaging – and profitable!

Download it now


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