Dominika Tracy

Web Marketing Strategist

Are You Ready To Supercharge Your Business And Finally Get The Financial Freedom You Deserve?

You’re a hard working entrepreneur who puts all your passion into making your company successful. You’ve got big dreams, massive goals and the killer product or service that will get you there.

Here’s the thing though.

Your dream business, the one which makes those dreams come true won’t happen by chance. You need to get it out there and design your own success with killer marketing. You can’t afford to waste time trying to do it all by yourself, posting to random facebook groups and spending tons of money on traditional advertising.

You need a tight system for your web marketing.

And, you guessed it – that’s where I come in!

Hi, I’m Dominika Tracy,

Web Marketing Strategist to passion-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to supercharge their business online.

I’ve been in the digital business since 2010 and I dream and speak marketing. I am so excited to take those skills and use them to grow your business!

Want to know more about my experience? Here goes!

Some of the brands Dominika has worked with:


Shhh, they're talking about me:


"And can I just say, during the first month of working together you delivered 10x ROI?

I knew you were awesome but ducking hell, mind blown!!!


Liana Fricker

Inspiration Space Founder


 First time we e-meet and you already gave me so many ways to improve my business (website and instagram) !!
Our video meeting was really clear and easy talking, really appreciated that session !
It boosted my motivation again, I'll try to implement all your advice overnight !!

MERCI à toi ! :)"

Jonathan Fidi

DevHero Founder


"Thank you so much Dominika Tracy for the work that you do. You have such incredible knowledge in this field which has allowed me to focus on what I am good at and you take over on getting it out to the world.

Your expertise has helped me not waste the time on what doesn't work and do what does! I appreciate having someone I trust who does great work on my team."

Sarah James

Therapy Business Success Coach

"Dominika Tracy is exceptional to work with. She is very quick to get projects back to you and has the kind of work ethic I need to run a successful company.

I know I can count on her.

I highly recommend her services."

Kim Dolan Leto

Motivational Speaker, Fitness Expert

Web Marketing Expert For You

I created Speedbird Media to help YOU succeed online. Don’t delay this opportunity, now is the time to establish your web presence and grow your business.

Listen: I believe you can and should make great money from your products or services. And I know web marketing can get you there.

So if you want to grow your company, keep getting new clients and make existing ones come back again and again, I’ve got your back.

Click below to learn how we can supercharge your business and attract an audience of your dream customers.


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