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You have probably noticed the mysterious term ‘SEO’ being thrown around whenever your website is mentioned. You may have also heard that SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is changing, and becoming increasingly difficult.

It’s true that Google are cracking down on old-school SEO methods and making it hard for people who don’t know what they’re doing online. But it’s also true that Website SEO is still relevant, even necessary, in today’s online marketing.


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Here’s what we know about SEO in 2016:

Content is king. Google rewards original, creative content on your site. Don’t have the time to create content because you’re busy actually running a business? Not a problem, let me tell you about my content creation services.

On-page optimisation is crucial. In the past, SEO experts focused on activities like link-building and other practices to improve your rankings. These days, making your own page Google-friendly is much more important. Don’t know how your website stacks up? Let me have a look!


Optimise for mobile. The biggest update to Google’s ranking algorithm in 2015 was their approach to mobile sites. In plain words, if your website doesn’t have a good mobile version, you’re doomed. Talk to me about web design now.

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This can be laborious and quite tricky. Lucky for you, Speedbird Media hires world-class experts who have proven results in building website authority. We still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to help your website rank well online!

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How Does It Work?

Website SEO is a process – and a lengthy one at that! Our web-wizards work on improving site rankings every day, building site authority piece by piece. It is worth it, as a well ranking page will give you a steady stream of visitors for years to come.

Speedbird Media operate on a retainer basis, meaning you only need to pay us once a month and then just sit back and wait to see the results.

There is no contract and no tie-in period!

I am confident you will be happy with our work and the ever-growing numbers of visitors to your site. So I don’t need to tie you in with a contract of any kind. You’re free to stop using our services at any point – but I doubt you’d want to!

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