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Social Media Marketing For Business

Do you know what the biggest time waster of the online marketing mix is?

You guessed it, Social Media Marketing!

I bet you have spent countless hours in various Facebook groups hustling for business with zero to little result. Or got swept up in non-relevant conversations only to end up talking about your favourite TV shows instead of winning more clients.

Can you afford to waste any more time?

Don't waste more time with social media marketing!


A successful social media strategy can help you bring new leads, build business relationships and create a community around your existing clients.

But you need to stop shooting in the dark and make sure that your time and attention are spent in the best interest of your business.

What would you do with time freed up from managing your own social media?

At Speedbird Media, we specialise in social media management for small and medium businesses. With our individual and truly personal approach, you will finally use social media to grow sales.

How Does It Work?

Just like every client is different, we never use the same strategy twice. Your individual goals as a business, your preferred audience and existing state of your social media will determine our recommendation and approach.

For example, if your product is visual, Instagram might be better for you to focus on than Facebook. Or if your target market are families and mums, Facebook groups might be more effective for you than Twitter. Together, we will decide who your target audience should be and how best to reach and engage them.

From there, we will take the load off your back.

No more searching for interesting content to post. No more replying to group messages while you have actual work to do.

We will manage, update and interact with your social media outlets while you focus on what you do best – growing your business.

social media marketing solutions fit for your needs

Always Fresh Social Media Plan

Take the hassle of looking for fresh and interesting content out of your daily routine. Just searching for things to share to all your social media outlets could take hours out of your day when you could be – you know, making money instead.

Let us do the job of finding – and creating -engaging content for your social media. We’ll then post it at optimal times for your business. You just sit back and watch the number of your followers grow!

£120 / month

Grow and Prosper Social Media Plan

It’s one thing to talk to your audience and another to listen to it. Quite another to answer and interact. But that’s the difference between using social media to promote your brand and actually growing it.

If you are serious about growing your business with social media, you need to devote a lot of time and energy to interact with key influencers in your industry, responding to comments from your audience and reaching out to potential clients. Or you could just let us do that. After all, don’t you have a business to run?

From £400 / month

Are you still hesitant? Our social media management plans are flexible and we have no long-term contracts. You’re free to quit at any time. But we doubt you’d want to!

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