If you want more customers for your restaurant business, you’re in the right place!

There is no better way to promote your restaurant than with Facebook Ads.

First of all, you don’t need a massive budget for advertising, a good, effective campaign can start with as little as £10 a day. Second of all you’re completely in control when to turn your ads off or on – depending on your budget or how busy your restaurant gets. And third – you will be using the most powerful tool in marketing – the word of mouth.

There is a reason why advertising online today is such a hard job: nobody trusts anyone anymore. But do you know who people still trust? That’s right, their friends and family!

Facebook Ads for restaurants, if done right, use that mechanism, promoting goods and services under the cover of interaction with friends and family – which is what Facebook does best!

What’s even better, as a restaurant owner, you have the great advantage of being able to narrow down your audience purely to your potential customers – without wasting a single penny. With Facebook Ads for restaurants you can pay to promote only to people in your area – and nobody else.

For example, if I want to promote one of my client’s businesses in the UK, my potential audience is 39 million people:


Which is way too much.

To narrow my reach down a little bit, I need to add lots of paratmeters like interests, demographic groups etc.

Meanwhile, for a local restaurant in Weybridge, the reach is only 11,000 people:

To help you out even more, Facebook has recently created a new campaign type, targeted specifically to local business owners:


When setting up your targeting, start with the postcode or street name where your restaurant is located and then adjust your reach, down to 1 mile. The radius you choose should depend on the type of customers you typically attract. If your diners come from far and wide to visit your restaurant, feel free to leave it at 20 miles or so. If you’re a local establishment, a maximum of 5 miles should do it.

It’s also a good idea to specify if you’re interested in customers who live in the specific location or are just visiting. If you happen to own a restaurant in a place which is a hot tourist destination, this Facebook ads trick could be very useful for you.

Right, now you know how to find your potential customers with Facebook ads for restaurants, now let’s discuss how to attract their attention!

Facebook Ads for restaurants – how to get your customers’ attention

Each and every one of us considers themselves to be one of a kind. Nobody likes being put in a joint category of ‘consumers’.

Which is why, when planning Facebook ads for restaurants, it is important to focus on your customer as an individual. Don’t think of a group within a specific age bracket, or specific income. Instead imagine an actual person, with a name, hobbies and a cat. Or a dog, if your potential customer is more likely to be a dog person J

If you were scrolling through your Facebook feed and saw an ad addressing you as a ‘small business owner’, I’m guessing you wouldn’t even register it and just keep scrolling.

But – if you saw an ad specifically for owners of small restaurants in Liverpool (if that’s where you happen to live), chances are you’d stop to read what it’s about.

Why not do that with your own ads? Start with including the name of your town in the ad headline!

This is a Facebook Ad for Seawise in Camden. The name ‘Stables Market’ will catch the eye of anyone who lives or works in that area. If you do nothing else, just by including the name of your location in the headline you will significantly improve your success rate! By the way, I talk about what the worst headline you could use for your ad in my free guide to marketing for Restaurant Owners. Check it out to avoid this common mistake.

Add to this a message which specifically targets your tightly identified customer and you can pat yourself on the back – you have just created your first Facebook Ad for restaurant!

Please let me know if you followed my tips for your Facebook campaign and want to share how it went. I’d love to hear from you!

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